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Your dog may be in pain without you know it

If an unpleasant smell spreads out of your dog’s mouth, you are not the only owner who has such a problem. According to some research, 80 percent of owners neglect the tooth hygiene and lips of their pets.

The outcome of this is of course an intolerable breath.


The professional name for the appearance of an unpleasant breath is “halitosis”. This medical problem is due to bacterial deposits in a language, inflamed gums, broken teeth or diseases such as diabetes, digestive tract diseases, and bronchial diseases.

The first thing you need to do is to check the condition of your pet’s teeth. The problem with teeth is most commonly recognized by yellowish deposits, gum bleeding, severe chewing and food retardation due to pain.

Toothpicks often affect the eyeballs and incisors, and then the molars. Owners often, when you notice a bad breath from the mouth of a dog, think it’s a normal phenomenon because “it’s a dog, though.” However, bad breath from the mouth means that the pet not only has problems with dental calculus, but that it has started to develop and inflammation.

In addition, some treats for dogs can cause cavities, stones, plaque, gum inflammation or gingivitis. Dogs can sometimes have problems with their teeth, so the dog may have periodontitis. Bacteria in their mouth create deposits and caries leading to inflammation of the gums and paradentosis.

Teeth problems can be very painful to the dog and ultimately cause their loss or even damage to the kidneys and heart. Tooth hygiene should therefore be maintained on a regular basis, and to be successful in doing so, it is best to start washing from the puppy age of the dog in order to create a healthy habit in his / her time.

There are even toys specially designed to clean the teeth during chewing.

If your teeth are healthy, you should definitely visit a veterinarian and perform a complete systematic examination to determine the cause of bad breath.

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