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How dogs warn people about health problems

Dogs are not just great pets, but they often recognize the various potentially dangerous symptoms in humans and “diagnose” them.

Dogs who may warn about diabetes are used in patients suffering from type 1 diabetes who have a low blood sugar level that are at risk of hypoglycaemia. It can happen if a person does not eat enough or accidentally takes too much insulin, but some diabetics can not notice warning signs, such as fainting and feeling uncertainty. Without treatment, such persons can lose consciousness.

“A dog can detect a change in the scent of the body that points to a low blood sugar level,” says Dr. Kler Away.

“We train our dogs to lick, run and stare in a person with hypoglycaemia to make sure that a person knows that he has to seek help.”

Dogs reduce discomfort and aggressive behavior in autistic children. Dogs are trained to put their head in the child’s wings, which calm them when they are in trouble, and also help out on excursions when autistic children sometimes get stunted.

The pain
The American Association Pavs for Comfort uses a raccoon Mexican doggy dog ​​to help these dogs help people with chronic pain caused by conditions such as fibromyalgia. All dogs have a naturally high body temperature, but since the Mexican goose-dog is almost without hair, it’s warmer to touch.

When these dogs are tied with the owner, their body temperature provides relief similar to that provided by the heated pillow.

Labradors and retrievers are trained to encourage patients with dementia to eat meals, take medication, rest and sleep when needed.

A study published in the Western Journal of Nursing Research has shown that dogs help calm up anxiety in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and promote social interaction.

Dogs can be trained to act as a warning system for epilepsy attacks. They can alert the person even 40 minutes before the attack, which gives enough time to take medication to prevent an attack or seek help.

Dogs are thought to detect their chemical changes in the body that occur before the attack. Some dogs are trained to lie beside a person who has an attack, thus preventing them from moving along with the injuries.

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