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Seven reasons why early socialization of a dog is important

How many times did your dog when he met another dog, starts to bark and say to him as humane and only does he break the leash. Or just begins to squeeze and jump on you to take it in because there are other dogs nearby. And in one and the other case it is a dog’s fear, because it is not socialized in time. Early and fundamental socialization is a very important condition for the upbringing and happiness of your dog. Namely, positive experiences during the first months of life in various new situations, with new people and animals, are crucial for achieving trust and security.

But what if a puppy does not go through the process of early socialization? How will it affect him when he grows up?


1. Fear
A dog that is not exposed to positive new experiences will probably become a dog that is scared of almost anything new. In fact, such dogs can suffer from an elevated level of anxiety caused by everything that is unknown, so they will probably be afraid to approach new situations.

2. Reactions
Fearlessness often masks aggression. So it often happens that a seemingly fearless dog will actually attack, and that is exactly out of fear. Namely, inadequately socialized dogs often do not have enough developed mechanisms to deal with stress scenarios, so they react defensively to new stimulans. Such a dog can show unwanted behavior to people, other dogs and animals, but also to objects such as cars, bicycles, etc.

3. Nervousness
A dog that has not been trained in basic commands and exercises in time will probably be uncomfortable when brushing, swimming, etc. If you have not used your dog to cut your nails or regular hair care from the first days, it can later become an impossible mission.

Because of this omission, vets are often those who have to perform those actions that you can generally do at home. And that immediately means, and more expenditure …

4. Sound sensitivity
Many dogs are afraid of thunder, fireworks and firecrackers, but for such behavior, the owner can not blame him for not socializing his dog on time. However, dogs who are afraid of sounds in everyday surroundings are probably not exposed to new situations and environment at an early age. These dogs usually hide sound irritations and avoid interaction with humans or other dogs.

5. Fear of adventure
The world of an insufficiently socialized dog is actually very small, because for him life outside the yard or apartment is very frightening and unpredictable. Car ride, going to a five-star restaurant or discovering new walking parks is simply impossible to achieve because the dog is uncomfortable in new environments.

6. Anxiety in the presence of people
One of the most important steps in socializing is getting to know puppies with a variety of people, for example with children, bearded men, people wearing hats or with elderly people walking with the help of a staff. If a puppy does not have the opportunity to meet familiar people, she will show aggressive and frightened behavior. So it’s likely to hide and bark on new people.

7. Discomfort in the presence of other dogs
We all want our dog in the park to agree with other dogs from the neighborhood. But if a puppy at an early age did not have the opportunity to get acquainted with dogs of different ages and growth, there is a chance that he will approach other dogs with a certain dose of fear in adulthood. Early socialization with other dogs is crucial for the adoption of a “dog language”. Also, if a puppy does not play with other dogs, later it will easily happen that he misinterprets some other dog’s signal, and reacts aggressively.

Tips for a successful socialization
When you get a puppy, it’s very important to give him enough time. Gradually walk out of the noise of a different level, meet it with people and show him various items in the house. Encourage your pet to explore different objects, parks, and other objects (bikes, cars).

Also, keep in mind that there is not always enough amount of exercises to do with your dog. Namely, the secret of successful socialization is that the dog has enough positive experience. Forsing into unknown situations when a dog is afraid may have only a counter-effect.

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