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The cold season: This will surely help your dog

You must have a lot more panic when you notice a problem with your pet, than when you have some problems. The veterinarian is on a quick dial and is immediately alerted. And your leech can wait, you will solve it with tea and a warm bath. Of course, going to a veterinarian is always a desirable choice, but you can solve some minor problems with home medicine (as you solve your own), with possible telephone consultation with a veterinarian.

Chamomile tea
Chamomile is an extremely healing plant. Its essential property is calm and care, so it is used for pain and cramps in the stomach, rinsing of the eyes, wounds, eating, tissue regeneration in burns … The chamomile properties of the chamomile come to expression not only in humans, but also in dogs. It can alleviate stomach aches in your pet. If your dog has a mild skin irritation, cool the tea and lubricate or spray on the painful part. You can also clean your eyes with chilly tea from the chamomile if it is prone to inflammation.

Baths and massages
Accident with skin irritations, infections and allergies is that the dog is very uncomfortable because it is itchy skin, and your furniture will pay the price. Buy finely ground teeth (such as oatmeal) and mix it in a bath with warm water. Your belt will be grateful. He’ll feel relief at the moment.

Dogs play, they are naughty and they are hurt. What to do with a painful and swollen place? In every pharmacy you can find the “bitter” that is used in people to alleviate rheumatic complaints and arthritis. Into the “bitter salt” solution, dip the injured part of the body twice a day for five minutes. If this is not feasible, soak the solution with a small towel or gauze and place it on the wound.

Vitamin E properties have a very beneficial effect on the skin. At least this is known to all women who tend to keep their facial skin tightened, because this vitamin is the main ingredient of regenerative cream. If your dog has problems with dry skin, you can afford him a vitamin E oil massage or even give him a vitamin E tablet (which will make his hair even sharper). If you opt for another option, consult a veterinarian about the recommended dose beforehand.

Useful bacteria in yogurt will help your dog with intestinal infections, because acidophilic bacteria are kept under the control of “bad” bacteria. If your dog is on antibiotics, a small yogurt every day will help not develop a fungal infection.

Liquids with electrolytes
Water with electrolytes or powdered electrolytic preparations can be purchased in every pharmacy. Their primary purpose is to compensate for lost fluid in the body, and are often used by athletes. Also, I can help your pet if he got a diarrhea or he vomited. Agree with the veterinarian about the dose of these preparations.

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