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Is your dog constantly hungry?

Dogs often seek food even after a meal. You may have wondered if you’re feeding your dog enough, whether it’s sick or simply all the dogs are hungry all the time.

In most cases dogs will ask for food whenever they think they can get it. In dogs, this is the evolutionary line that they have gained in coexistence with humans in the last several tens of thousands of years.

So the question is – is your dog really hungry or just pretending because he knows that he will get food?

Biological urges

Some dog breeders believe that dogs only listen to their appetite, just as wolves do. Given that food is something to which wild animals are not easy to come, their goal is always to find as much as possible.

The other theory says dogs long remember the days they spent without home. This recollection of hungry dogs may require them to eat more than they really need.

Medical causes of increased appetite

Some dogs have problems with the endocrine and gastrointestinal system, which can lead to an increase in appetite. In rare cases, diabetes and increased thyroid gland activity may be involved.

Do not hesitate to leave the veterinarian if you, the best you know your dog, notice a sudden change in behavior with your pet. However, if it is “hungry” as always, it’s only the most common conversion.

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