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Here’s how to help abandoned dogs during the winter

Abandoned animals are an image that we often see during cold, winter days. Not all of them have the ability to cope with them, but everyone can do something for them.

Here are some tips on “What in the snow do we find a crappy abandoned animal”?


1. The best solution is to take the animal and take it to your home. If you are unable to provide her with a home, leave them in the entrances of buildings, basements, garages. Then they need the most warm place, protected from snow and wind. Give them fresh water and some food.

2. Do not give up on this just because they have told you that this animal will stay with you forever. If you are not ready to love her and take care of her, you do not have to keep her forever. Now it is most important to get out of the street and snow, so as not to froze and die of starvation.

3. As soon as possible, sweat well, wrap it in the blanket, if you have the possibility to place it next to the heating body – heaters, radiators, stoves – and wait for the animal to “come to yourself”.

4. If in appearance (she is nourished, her hair is soft and fine, she has information on the necklace, ..) assume that the pet has a owner, take him to the nearest veterinary station, which will read the chip. It’s not a rare phenomenon that in the coming days, pets lose, due to fear of fireworks, fireworks, New Year’s shooting.

5. When you provide her with a secure place, take her and send her to the pages of all associations, organizations, shelters, etc. Perhaps the potential foster homes are just for her.

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